RULES of the ROAD for our Tourneys 2024

The top teams in every division are seeded by Tournament
Director and placed into separate pools. The remaining
teams are placed in pools by the Tourney Machine “random
placement” tool. However we do make every effort to create
geographic diversity in all pools manually as needed.

Depending on the division the Tournament only solves for
either/or the number 1 and/or number 1 & 2 teams in each
pool for advancement to championship play.

The non-championship matchups printed on the schedule
are posted as a guideline only. We reserve the right to
change matchups to keep teams from playing twice in our
event if possible. They will be done on Tourney Machine with
blast notification sent to all involved via the App.


Scenario A

In the event that two teams are tied after pool play: the
following tiebreakers will be used (in sequence) to determine
the highest Seed.

Head to Head result. Fewest goals allowed then goal
differential and finally most total goals scored followed by a
coin flip if the above criteria still leaves two teams in a tie.

Scenario B

In the event that 3 or more teams are tied after pool play:

We will use the following tiebreakers if 3 or more teams are
tied to identify the top 2 teams involved in the tie. Once we
have the top two teams based on the following tiebreakers,
we will use Scenario A (above) to settle the tie between
those two teams: Goals Allowed then Goal Differential.

Important note: If we have three tied teams we use goals
allowed to break the 3 way tie and then IF the remaining 2
teams have played then the head to head result trumps
goals allowed. IE: FCA beats LIE and LIE beats CRABS
and CRABS beats FCA. FCA has 12GA and CRABS 14GA
and LIE 15GA. LIE is first out with most GA and then since
Crabs and FCA did in fact play already Crabs would
advance from pool because of head to head win.


Each game will consist of 4 (11) minute running time
quarters. 3 minute halftime Each team gets (1):45 second
time out per game (does not carry over to OT) Overtime will
be 1 continuous period (clock will not be used) Sudden
Victory. NO OT Timeout allowed.

Game Clock will stop during time outs. Refs will enforce the
:45 second time out. Don’t stall coming out of huddle or you
will lose possession.

Game Clock will convert to START/STOP the last minute of
any game where the score differential is or becomes 2 goals
or less. IE: team A is winning 8-6 and clock is running until it
gets to the 1 minute mark and then the official timekeeper
will go start stop on out of bounds, face-offs etc thru game

Penalty time will be running unless game is in start / stop

Stick Check Exception – stick checks only if a coach calls for
one NCAA OR NFHS ok but can’t be a bastard of the two.


Players must be in the grade in which they are competing.
For 2029 and below, players must comply with the age group chart from US Lacrosse:

Crabfeast is a ONE roster event. You can only play for one team at one age group.

Players or Coaches who get an ejection may not play/coach
the next game. NO EXCEPTIONS. DON’T ASK

The penalty for using ineligible player/s will be forfeit/s and
removal from championship bracket games. The Lacrosse
community is small, please just follow the rules as written to
avoid an embarrassing situation in front of college coaches.


Each team will have 2 (:30 sec) time outs per game. Also a
:30 sec time out MAY be called during overtime.

Champions will receive a CHAMPION Tourney T-Shirts and
will be distributed directly following a championship victory.

Teams are expected to take a team photo holding
tournament banner at that time.


In the event of adverse weather or un-playable field
conditions, the Tournament Director reserves the right to:

1. Reduce game times.
2. Finish games before inclement weather arrives, or to
preserve field conditions.
3. Reschedule or Cancel games.
4. Convert the tournament to a 'Festival' format without
playoffs or championships to enable the majority of the
teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible.

Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on
Tourney Machine. However, weather conditions can change
rapidly and all teams should be prepared as soon as
weather clears and fields are playable to report back to the


If thunder or lightning is
observed at any location play will be suspended immediately
and players and fans will be asked to leave the field. Play
will be allowed to resume 30 minutes after the last sound of
thunder or sighting of lightning is observed.

If a game is in progress, that period will end immediately. If it
is the second half, the game will be considered final and the
score at that point will be recorded. If it is the first half, when
play resumes it will be a 11 minute running half only. Every
attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time. If
the start of the second half of the suspended game delays
the onset of the subsequent game the following actions will

• The event reserves right to move the conclusion of a
suspended game to the end of the day.
• The event does face some field constraints by contract. It is
possible that weather could cause some games or whole
rounds to be cancelled.


All club directors agreed to these terms and conditions
when they registered for the event. We all share in
mitigating the risk of bad weather beyond our control.

1. No refunds will be issued for games canceled.
2. No refunds will be issued for games shortened due to
3. No refunds will be issued for playoff or championship
games canceled due to weather.
4. In the event we had to cancel the whole tournament due
to weather only we would refund 50% of fees paid to us
within 30 days to the club director in charge after receiving
his written request indicating the team(s) requesting the
refund, to whom the check should be made payable and
where the check should be mailed. No refunds will be issued
if a Refund Request Form is not submitted within 30 days of
the tournament.